Copy, Paste & Share Your Way To Profits

Can TrustJacker REALLY Help You Earn Consistent Money By Doing Simple Copy'n'Paste Tasks That Only Take Few Minutes Per Day?

Is TrustJacker Truly a FAST Money-Making Tool?
(read on for my exclusive review)

Lets cover a quick example to see how this tool works.

Lets say you're attracted to affiliate marketing because it seems like a simple business model with lots of potential and a low barrier to entry (minimal cost & skill required).

But the problem is, there are too many bad software products, spammy tools and phony ebooks promising to show you the 'secrets' of affiliate marketing, but none of them deliver the promised results.

You've tried promoting CPA offers through Blogs & Web 2.0 sites, but getting any real traffic has been a huge pain. SEO & paid traffic seem complicated, and you haven't been able to generate any consistent income.

So you come across this Trust Jacker tool thats promising to be the 'holy grail' for affiliate marketers...something that makes it both easy and simple to generate consistent affiliate commissions. Seems like a lot of hype, but you decide to try it out anyway.

The first thing you notice is that its actually a Wordpress plugin, so you get yourself a cheap hosting account and instal Wordpress.

Alright so inside the Trust Jacker member's area, they're showing you how to select CPA offers and Clickbank offers to promote, so you follow the criteria to pick a 'improve study skills' offer on Clickbank...

You then plug in your 'improve study skills' clickbank url into the TrustJacker plugin to start promoting.

Next up, you do a quick search for 'study' related Facebook groups and you join about 5 of them. Next, you search for 'study skills' related articles on Google that you can share with the Facebook groups.

You've found a really good article on Huffington Post about improving study skills, so you plug in the URL of this article into Trust Jacker, and then Trust Jacker gives you a unique URL that you can use to share this article.

Using this unique URL, you start sharing it with the Facebook group members. Within hours, people start clicking on the URL to read the article you've shared. Every time someone clicks on the article, it takes them to the Huffington post site, and then shows an 'popover ad' promoting your affiliate offer.

So now, as people are reading the Huffington Post article, they are also shown your 'study skills' Clickbank offer as a popover (and exit popup). Naturally, they are 'presold' on the Clickbank offer and trust it more because it seems to be associated with Huffington Post.

Within 24 hours, you notice your 1st sale on the offer you're promoting, earning you $20 in commission...and over the next week you earn $140 in pure commission!

The main reason why TrustJacker works so well is because it allows you to naturally recommend helpful content to people that keeps them engaged and feeling good about your recommendations.

So here's a quick summary of the top features of this plugin and their main benefits:
  • Very Fast to Setup (so you can start promoting offers the same day as investing in the plugin. Its nice not having to wait days to get started)
  • Easy to Use: even though the technology behind the plugin is pretty complex, using the plugin is very easy. Its literally as simple as copying & pasting your affiliate URL and checking a few boxes.
  • Allows Both a Timed Popover and Exit Popover (this way, you can display your Ad while people are reading the content, which is when they're in the best mood to take action)
  • Can be Used to Build a List - you can also display a squeezepage and build a list, which works great when people are 'exiting' or leaving a site.
  • Comes with Social Sharing Buttons Integrated (so you can share content on the social networks completely naturally without appearing to sell)
  • Cloaks your affiliate URLs to prevent commission theft and keeps your links looking more natural.
But the BIGGEST benefit of TrustJacker, by far, it that it allows you to leverage Authority & Trust to boost your conversions. By 'associating' your offers with other people's content & branding, it helps you make more commissions.

And another huge benefit is that you can start earning money very quickly, without deep learning curves and without spending anything on advertising. Its one of the simplest, and easiest ways to make money online.

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